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(705) 426-5206


B1380 Simcoe St, R.R.#2
Beaverton, Ontario 
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In the case of medical emergencies after regular clinic hours, please call 705-426-5206 for instructions.


B1380 Simcoe St, R.R.#2
Beaverton, Ontario
L0K 1A0

(705) 426-5206

In the case of medical emergencies after regular clinic hours, please call 705-426-5206 for instructions.


Pet Services

 Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine and Internal Medicine are the foundation for Veterinary Care.

Preventative Medicine is necessary to maximize the well being and health of your pet by identifying health risks pertinent to your pet’s age, lifestyle and geographical location. The annual examination along with appropriate diagnostic testing, assist us to determine the right vaccination program, parasite control measures, dental care and health monitoring to make sure your pet lives a long and healthy life. Our doctors will also help you choose the ideal diet from our extensive selection to best suit your pet's needs.

Internal Medicine

If your pet falls ill, our doctors rely on their years of experience and knowledge to combine the results of the physical exam, blood analysis, various imaging (radiographs/ultrasound), to diagnose your pet’s problem and promptly initiate the correct medical or surgical treatment. In some cases it may be necessary to refer your pet to a specialty practice for advanced diagnostics or specialty surgery.


We offer a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries at our clinic in our modern, well-equipped surgical suite. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians constantly monitor your pet during anesthesia, using  pulse oximetry (blood oxygen level), ECG, blood pressure and heart rate monitors to adjust the anesthetic levels according to the patient’s vital signs to ensure that your pet remains stable throughout the procedure. All pets are placed on IV fluids before anesthesia is administered. Should the need arise, extra fluids and emergency drugs can be administered quickly to help maintain blood pressure, and replace lost fluids. Fluids also speed up recovery time and reduce the risk of kidney dysfunction after anesthesia. We recommend pre-surgical blood screening for all patients, and require it for all pets over 7 years of age, as certain medical conditions can increase the risk of anesthetic complications. This blood work can be done in clinic prior to or on the day of surgery. 


Oral Health plays a huge role in the quality and duration of the life of your pet. We offer a full range of dental services from specialty diets and treats, to scaling and polishing. Dental radiographs are taken prior to all dental procedures and allow identification of many problems not visible on oral examination. Extractions are common, especially in aging pets. In some cases restorative fillings are recommended.

Diagnostic Imaging 


Radiology is the cornerstone of diagnostic imaging and is done quickly and efficiently with our digital x-ray system. Clients are able to see the images of their pets in each exam room within minutes. The digital system allows us to transfer x-rays to referral centres via direct transfer or e-mail. If a client requests a digital copy of their pets radiographs, this can be done easily for a nominal fee. Our hospital also houses a digital dental unit. 


We offer a basic level of ultrasonography. Ultrasound is a non-invasive tool we use to visualize patient’s various internal body structures and is very useful for pregnancy confirmation. It is also used to evaluate the bladder wall, diagnose stones and differentiate abdominal masses and organs. For more challenging cases, referral to a board certified ultrasonographer is available. 

Laboratory Diagnostics

We have a well equipped in-house laboratory which enables us to get results within a short period of time, assisting the doctors to diagnose your pet’s health status quickly and efficiently. There are a large variety of different tests that may be done in hospital. These tests include, but are not limited to, complete blood count (CBC), blood gases, serum chemistry, electrolytes, urinalysis, vaginal cytology, fecal analysis, heartworm testing andfeline leukemia/FIV. For specialized testing we send samples to various laboratories in Canada and the USA.


Our groomer, Kim Shields, has been working at BCVS for several years and has established a clientele that keeps her busy year round. She schedules appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (subject to change). You can book an appointment with Kim when you call the reception desk at BCVS. Don't forget to book ahead!


At Beaverton Crossroads we stock a variety of veterinary pet foods made by  Purina, Hills, Medi-Cal/Royal Canin and Iams.

Our supply shelves offer products from shampoos and odour removers to dog treats, leashes and collars, toys, and toothbrushes. While you're here, don't forget to take a look!

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