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In the case of medical emergencies after regular clinic hours, please call 705-426-5206 for instructions.


B1380 Simcoe St, R.R.#2
Beaverton, Ontario
L0K 1A0

(705) 426-5206

In the case of medical emergencies after regular clinic hours, please call 705-426-5206 for instructions.


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Top 10 Reasons for Keeping Your Pet at a Healthy Weight


Just as in people, weight management and reduction is a common problem for cats and dogs.  Obesity in pets is often caused by over eating, medical disorders, possibly neutering or spaying, inadequate physical activity, and aging.  At Beaverton Crossroads we will partner with you to find the cause of your pet's weight issue, and can even design a diet specific to your cat or dog's needs. 

Feel free to ask your doctor for information on this during an appointment.

Here are a few tips on keeping your pet at a healthy weight:

Consult your veterinarian about finding the right food for your pet.Feed your pet the exact amount recommended by your veterinarian, using a measuring cup.Avoid feeding human food--especially fatty foods such as bacon. (See below for acceptable human food treats.)If you have multiple pets, feed them separately.Avoid high-calorie, fattening treats.  Many veterinarian brand foods offer healthy treat options.Take the time to give your pet the exercise it needs to be fit.

Ten Reasons Your Dog will Appreciate Improved Weight and Fitness*

1. Lower risk of joint disease and arthritis 
2. Lower risk of heart disease 
3. Lower risk of cancer. 
4. Lower risk of diabetes mellitus 
5. Lower risk of respiratory disease 
6. Lower anesthetic/surgical risk 
7. Greater energy and vitality 
8. Greater exercise tolerance 
9. Happier disposition 
10. Enhanced longevity


Healthy Treat Options**

Food                        Calories 
Mini Carrot                    5 
Rice Cake                    34 
Apple Slice (1/4)           20 
Dry Toast (1/4 slice)     15 
Cucumber Slice (1")      2


Foods to Avoid** (Toxic) 

peaches with the pit or any stone fruit 


*Fit-For-Life Weight Management, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
**Slim Fit Program Weight Loss Guide